Nighthawk App Not Detecting Router

How to Fix Nighthawk App Not Detecting Router?

The development of the Nighthawk app has resulted in a simple and easy-to-use user interface. It allows the user to control & configure the admin details, and Wi-Fi settings. But what happens when you get stuck in a situation where your Nighthawk app not detecting router?

Moreover, it also provides the user with convenient access to smart parental control and monitor & control the Wi-Fi from anywhere. 

Through this blog post, you will learn about the core reasons why the Nighthawk app can’t find router. Besides this, it will also include the troubleshooting methods that you can implement in order to find a perfect solution to this issue. So are you excited to learn something new about the Nighthawk app? Just don’t wait anymore and go through this blog post straight away.

Why is My Nighthawk App Can't Find Router?

Well, there could be several reasons why the Nighthawk app won’t connect to router. Just look over this section and you will know the reasons that may cause your Nighthawk app not detecting router.

  1. The internet connection must be unstable.
  2. There is insufficient storage in your device.
  3. You are using the outdated Nighthawk app.
  4. There are minor bugs & glitches in the app.
  5. A lot of cache & cookies are stored in your device.
Nighthawk Router Can't Find Router

In order to resolve the Nighthawk app not detecting router issues, you must know the common reasons behind it first. So, let’s hope that the reasons listed in this section are helpful to you.

Troubleshooting Nighthawk App Won't Connect to Router

Now you know why the Nighthawk app isn’t connecting to the router, the time has come to troubleshoot this issue. So, read the following troubleshooting methods and you will understand how you can resolve the Nighthawk app can’t find router.

Check Internet Connection

  1. An interrupted or unstable internet connection may not allow the Nighthawk app to function properly.
  2. Therefore, you must first rectify your router’s internet connection by first plugging it out from the power outlet.
  3. Then you must wait for a few seconds, plug the router back into the power outlet, and switch it On.

Clear the App Cache

  1. The cache is a working mechanism that stores app data for better performance.
  2. However, if the cache is overcrowded with the data, it may negatively impact your app’s performance.
  3. Therefore, it is crucial for you to clear the Nighthawk App’s cache once after every few months.

Stop the App and Restart

  1. Restarting your phone is another effective way to resolve the Nighthawk app won’t connect to router issue.
  2. In order to restart your Android phone, hold down the ‘Power’ button for 5 to 10 seconds.
  3. After that, a power menu will appear on the screen where you must click on the ‘Restart’ button.
  4. But if you have an iPhone, hold down the ‘Power’ button and volume buttons consequently.
  5. Consequently, you will see an option titled ‘Slide to Power Off’ and drag the button down.
  6. After your smartphone restarts itself, you must then open the Nighthawk app and check if its detecting the router.

Update the App

  1. Another reason behind your Nighthawk app not detecting router is the outdated version.
  2. Therefore, you must upgrade the Nighthawk app as soon as an update is available.
  3. Although the app automatically updates itself, it is always a good idea to check it manually at regular basis.
  4. If you see an update available, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to update your app.
  5. After that, your Wi-Fi router will automatically restart itself.
  6. Therefore, you must not restart the router manually.
Update Nighthawk App

Update Your Android/iPhone

  1. Not only the app, but your smartphone’s operating system also needs to be updated to the latest version.
  2. Your Nighthawk app won’t connect to router due to the bugs that may come with the outdated operating system.
  3. Therefore, you must give equal importance to your smartphone update as well and check for it regularly.

Reinstall the App

  1. If none of the troubleshooting methods worked so far, try uninstalling & reinstalling the Nighthawk app.
  2. You can get the Nighthawk app in Google Play for Android and the App Store for iPhone.
  3. Reinstalling the Nighthawk app may also help you to fix the Nighthawk app not detecting router issues.

Reconfigure the Nighthawk Router

  1. If the Nighthawk app can’t find router, reconfiguring your router is another troubleshooting method you can perform.
  2. There could be issues related to the set-up in the Nighthawk app.
  3. To resolve this issue, log in to your router’s user interface using the default web address.
  4. But if you are unable to access the user interface, it shows that your router was partially configured during the setup.
  5. Therefore, you must reset your Nighthawk router to the default factory mode and again reconfigure it.
Nighthawk Router Configuration

Upgrade the Nighthawk Router Firmware

  • Out-of-date firmware is another core reason that may cause your Nighthawk app not to detect the router.
  • Therefore, it’s a good idea for you to check the status of your router’s firmware update.
  • To update your router’s firmware, first connect your device to the router.
Upgrade the Nighthawk Router Firmware
  • Then visit Netgear Support, add your router model, and download it.
  • Consequently, choose the latest firmware version and click on ‘Downloads’.
  • After that, enter in the browser’s URL bar and log into your Nighthawk account.
  • Afterward, visit Advanced -> Administration -> Firmware Update -> Router Update.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions to update the Nighthawk firmware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install the Nighthawk App on My Computer?

No; it is not possible to install the Nighthawk app on your computer. But you can access the Nighthawk settings by using the IP address –

How to Force Stop Nighthawk App on Android/iPhone?

To Force Stop the Nighthawk app on Android/iPhone, first launch the app and tap on the Menu icon. You can find the Menu icon on the top left corner of the screen. After that, you must tap on ‘Settings’ -> ‘Anywhere Access’ and toggle it in the Off position.

How to Check the Nighthawk App Version?

  1. The outdated Nighthawk app may also act as an issue of not detecting the router.
  2. So, you can check the availability of the app’s latest version by visiting the Play Store or App Store.
  3. If the update is available on them, proceed with it and again check if the app is now detecting the router.
Bottom Line

By reading this blog post, you now know the core reasons behind your Nighthawk app not detecting router. In addition to this, this blog also explains some effective troubleshooting methods through which you can resolve this issue.

But if you are unable to resolve the Nighthawk app won’t connect to router issue, connect with our technical experts. They will guide you through the complete troubleshooting method and will never leave your side.